Jordan 3 Retro 88 released online today and Nike Store crashed. What's New?

Well, today was the day many sneakerheads had marked on their calendar for a month or so now. 25 years ago today MJ took flight from the free throw line and secured his second Dunk Contest victory by defeating Dominique Wilkins. Now you add of all that good history together with a demand for the classic Nike Air on the back of the Jordan 3's and you have a hyped release. Good job Nike! Seriously, I love the Jordan 3's. They're my all time favorite Jordan but the Nike Air isn't that big of a deal to me. Does that mean I'm not a true sneakerhead? Anyway, as usual Nike Store failed to function in any reasonable manner. A few guys here at the office tried our luck at the Nike store Twitter Link Lottery (yes Lottery). We all had different computers, different twitter apps, etc. Needless to say we struck out. We do have a shipment on the way scheduled for delivery around the 24th. If you weren't lucky enough to get through online, we have a limited number of sizes available. They'll be shipped February 24th. It's first come first served and we can't hold any pairs so get yours while they're here.




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